"So you plant your own garden and
decorate your own soul, instead of waiting
for someone to bring you flowers."
- Veronica A. Shofstall, “After a While” (via perfect)

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Like when women hate men it’s frustrating at worst, maybe it hurts someone’s feelings, but when men hate women they are shamed, abused, patronized, demeaned, objectified, raped, and murdered, ya feel me, so even if I WAS a raging misandrist like worst case scenario I’d be a bummer at parties, meanwhile a girl somewhere literally can’t leave her house because it’s dark outside.

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Wearing a bikini is not for everyone.  Don’t feel bad because you aren’t comfortable wearing one.  Some of us are really proud of ourselves for being able to wear one and sometimes we might forget that not everyone is in the same place we are.  You are still doing great and are still brave and amazing with or without a fatkini.  


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"I loved you more than you deserved, fucker."
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No sympathy for rapists, no sympathy for abusers, no sympathy for those who side with them. No excuses for their behavior, no justifications, no exceptions.

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